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Heart's A Mess- Chapter One

Chapter One

Khushi thrust the red eski into the unsuspecting hands of the young intern who had begged to accompany her on this trip.
"Guard this with your life! Seriously its worth more than you are."
With that threat delivered, she zipped up her jacket to her neck, pulled her ponytail tightly and thrust her hands into the warmth of her pockets. Jumping up and down to ignite some warmth with in her body, she finally ran out on to the tarmac. The cold air stung her lungs harshly and each breath was labored as she tried to reach the jet as fast as her skinny ass legs could carry her.
The ground crew thought of warning Khushi that her attempt would be futile but the short interaction with Dr. Gupta had them come to the realization that she was about as stubborn as a mule. So they let her brave the harsh winter and saved their energy. The blanket of the night reduced her visibility as she ran toward the outline of the aircraft; random snowflakes taking up residence in her hair and on her jacket. As she came closer she observed a dim light emanating from the cabin, illuminating the stairs that led up to it. Without a seconds thought she bounded up the stairs only to collide face first into a man who was descending the very same set of stairs.
"I am so sorry, Maam. Are you alright?" he held onto her shoulders to steady her.
Khushi rubbed her very delicate nose. "Can't you watch where you are going?"
The man was left with his mouth hanging open at her outrageous claim. He went to argue with her but then thought better of it...
"Look why don't you come inside and we can get some ice for it?"
Khushi swatted his hands away. "I'm a doctor ok..I think I know when my nose needs ice. What I really need is your plane."
"I'm sorry?"
"Are you deaf? Your plane. I need your plane! The last plane left from here 20 minutes ago and the next one isn't for another 5 hours."
"And I have organs which I need to deliver to Cleveland otherwise two people will have died for nothing tonight. You seem to have the only available plane for miles!"
"Maam really it is very cold outside. Why don't you come inside and we can discuss this further." He encouraged.
Khushi glared at this infuriatingly diplomatic man. "Can I have your plane...yes or no? I don't like to waste my time. If it's a no then I have to find another option."
The man sighed at this woman who possessed an ungodly amount of energy this late at night... "First of all maam, this isn't my plane. The man who owns it is inside. If you come inside perhaps you can put your request to him though I sincerely doubt he will acquiesce."
"Fine! Take me to him." She climbed up a stair and then paused. "And stop calling me makes me feel ancient." Pushing past him very rudely, she made her way inside. Patience was not exactly her strong suit.
Dr. Gupta froze as she entered the cabin. Really who has this much money? The interiors stank of wealth; minimalistic clean lines that served to integrate design with functionality. Everywhere she looked there was leather, probably genuine cow-hide. She shuddered and sent up a quick apology to Krishna. The colour scheme was beige and brown, interspaced every so often with the metallic hues of the latest Apple accessory perched upon pure Jarrah tables. Her nose crinkled with disdain as she breathed in the filtered air of excessive wealth.
Unbeknownst to her an amused pair of eyes were observing her over the top of a manila folder. They watched as she marched straight up to him, Aman in tow.
"Sir, this is.."
Khushi stuck her hand out, straight in front of his nose and cut his right hand man off.
"Dr. Gupta. I need your plane." She got straight to the point.
Arnav had to stop himself from laughing out loud. Smirking he put down the file and shook her hand. He gestured to the seat in front of him.
"Take a seat doctor."
"See here Mr..."
"Raizada. I don't have time..."
Arnav put up his hand to stop her. "Aman what's the delay?"
"I was just going to check up on that when I literally ran into Dr Gupta here. I'll go now." Aman turned around and left the pair of them to their own devices.
Arnav turned back to Khushi and took a brief moment to take in her appearance. She wrapped up from head to toe; looking like an eskimo of sorts. The tip of her nose was bright red; from the cold or the collision he was yet to determine. Considering her cheeks were also tinged the same colour he assumed it was the former. But what really struck him were her eyes.  They were this eclectic mix of gold and green; dancing with the rays of the light and full of life. Currently they were swirling with impatience, frustration and he wasn't a hundred percent sure but it seemed like there was a little bit of anxiety as well.
"So where were we?" he continued.
"I was telling you I don't have time to sit down in your plush leather since I have lives to save. So can I have your plane or not." Khushi narrowed her eyes at him.
Arnav leaned back in his seat and folded him arms across his chest; one hand across his mouth. This woman was really something else. His wealth obviously annoyed her and apparently he himself had no effect on her. Arnav Singh Raizada didn't consider himself a particularly vain man but he knew the usual effect he had on women. They swarmed to him like bees to honey wanting to exploit some part of him; wealth, fame...sometimes both. Leaning his head to the side he took another glance at her and tried to figure her out.
Rubbing his hands together...
"Dr. Gupta, just take the seat. It won't kill you." Khushi still seemed hesitant. Arnav rolled his eyes. "You seem like a smart woman but let me spell this out for you. I have the resources that you so desperately require...I don't think you are exactly in the position to argue with me. So sit down."
Arnav saw a look of defeat flicker through her eyes as she huffed. Unzipping her jacket to allow for more mobility she took a seat opposite the man.
"Tell me, why exactly is it that you need my plane?" He swirled around the remaining ice cubes in his now empty scotch tumbler.
"The last plane flew out of here some 20 minutes ago. I was procuring organs for a transplant operation at a nearby hospital when we were delayed by a snafu at the donor's end. I called ahead to tell the ground staff to hold the plane but it took off without us. Apparently there was some FAA regulation they had to follow. Now the next plane leaves from here at 7 am but the organs are needed in Cleveland..." Khushi looked at her wrist watch... "within the next hour and 15 minutes for them to remain viable. Yours is the only plane for miles. So.. could I have your plane?" She let out a big breath, visibly frustrated at having to repeat her story for the 3rd time that night.
Arnav frowned.
"Well doctor, I unlike you didn't take an oath to save humanity. I am a business man, if I give something I expect something in return. What is it that you can offer me?"
Suddenly Khushi sat up a little straighter in her chair. Instead of disdain her countenance displayed something akin to excitement. He realized that she like to be challenged. Her eyes focused on a spot in the distant as she bit down on her lower lip in deep contemplation. Arnav had to stop himself for reaching out and simply kissing away the adorable pout on her lips. He didn't have to stop himself for long however because with in the next second she jumped a little in her chair and clapped her hands together.
"I've got it!"
 "You do?" he lifted an eyebrow amused at her certainty.
"Yes!" she snapped. "We'll organize an interview with the local newspaper and get you and your company good press. That's what all you businessmen crave right? Good media coverage?" Khushi smiled pleased with herself.
This time Arnav did laugh out loud; something that Khushi did not appreciate. "You are sitting in a multi million dollar private jet and you expect that good press in a local newspaper is going to impress me? Our company deals with press at an international level. News corporations like the BBC have to wait in line for an interview and you want to buy me off with a column in the local tribune?" Arnav kept laughing.
"I'm a doctor Mr. Raizada not a publicist. If your company is indeed that well reputed then even an article in a local newspaper will generate interest. In fact it would probably generate far more interest than if some big news corp. got hold of it first. You would be hailed as the next Bruce Wayne...helping citizens and not even asking for any credit." Khushi smirked right back at him; challenging him to come up with an answer for that.
Arnav paused mid laugh and smiled at her. She was quick thinker; he would give her that. "Not interested." He simply stated.
"Not interested?"
"I would hate to have to wear black leather pants. Seriously not a good look." This time even Khushi had trouble not smiling.  He watched as she began to think about something to entice him once more. With in a few second her eyes had landed on his again. Khushi deduced a mischievous glint and it suddenly occurred to her that she had been approaching this from the wrong angle the whole time.
"It seems Mr. Raizada, that I have failed to understand you. You seem to know what you want already. So why not just ask me and quit wasting both of our time?"
He grinned and she found herself to be a little breathless by the full force of his charm.
"Date me."
Khushi laughed and then stopped when she realized he was serious.
"I'm sorry?"
"You want to use my jet right? Then go out on a date with me."
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Also I just want to take this time to acknowledge the victim of gang-rape who passed away today. It deeply saddens me as a medical student and as a woman; the case hit close to home. As I am sure it did for a lot you. I will not waste my breath talking about the individuals who perpetrated such a heinous crime. In my opinion this was not the behavior of men; that is an insult to all of mankind. Neither was this animalistic behavior; that is an insult to the beauty of animals.
I would instead like to take this time to pray for the life of an individual who had to experience a horrendous crime but who in doing so will have hopefully brought about a change in the conscience of the nation. I pray that she find peace wherever she is and that her family may have the courage to continue to live their lives. I pray that the women of India will no longer standby and watch as crimes are committed against one another. I pray for the many women who have had to suffer such crimes in silence. I pray that they may have the courage to come forward and seek justice. I pray that those delivering that justice will have the courage to stand up and fight for what is right without fearing politics. I pray for those who are endangering their own safety by protesting for the rights of women. But today I also pray for all of you reading whether you be male or female. I pray for your happiness and safety and that of your families. I pray that you may feel safe to go out and night and enjoy your city. I pray that the actions of such individuals will not deter you from pursuing your dreams, whatever they maybe. 
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