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Heart's A Mess- Chapter Six

LISTEN TO THE SONG!!! I don't know how many more ways I can say this! I wrote the whole DAMN sequence so it would fit with the song. Also the lyrics that are written them in time as they are sung! THANKYOU! For all those without youtube there is a daily motion link!


The band picked up steam and more couples headed out on to the dance floor. The clapping, laughter and twirls of dresses drew Khushi’s gaze. Arnav took another large sip of his drink and grabbed her hand.

Leave your drink. I happen to know this is a great song.”

Khushi eyes widened so much he feared they would pop out of her head as she choked lightly on her drink. “Are you joking? I don’t dance!

I have it on good authority that you do.”

Khushi narrowed her eyes. “Which one of them told you?” she asked accusingly.

Do I look crazy to you?” Khushi opened her mouth but he cut her off… “Actually don’t answer that. I know that if I tell you...that person may not be alive tomorrow.! You don’t get to know. Now are you coming with me or not?

Khushi wasn't really given a chance to answer. 

The music pulsed around them as he pulled her into the middle of the dance floor. The explosion of colour and noise got her blood pumping as she gave into the familiarity of the rhythm. Couples moved around them laughing, twirling and enjoying the magic of the atmosphere. Magic that was enhanced by the luminescence of the several fairy lights strung over them in the open air, a blanket of stars. A strong tug pulled her into his body and she landed into him, her palm splayed against his chest.

Behke Behke Nain

Cheene Dil Ka Chain

Toh Yeh Pyaar Hai

Loosing her balance momentarily, she clutched on to him for support. They stood still amongst the moving mass, holding one anothers gaze, daring the other to break it. Khushi lifted her chin just that little bit higher refusing to give in. Two could play at this game. Mischief danced in his eyes and placing both hands on her waist he twisted her around sharply. Snaking his forearm around her waist he pulled her into himself and began to move ever so slowly.

Still hesitant in his arms, Khushi felt herself turn stiff unable to follow his lead. With their bodies molded from waist up, he lowered his mouth, letting it graze her ear...

"Relax Ms. Gupta" he whispered.

Taking a deep breath in, she let her arm slowly come around and find its place on top of his arm that rest over her waist. Entwining his other hand with hers she brought it to rest on top of her thigh. Hips swayed together and they started to shift their weight forward and backward in time to the three step beat.

Khushi was no novice in dance but there was something about the way he held her that made her feel shy. That brought a painful hesitation to her decisive temperament. It was something quite extraordinary...almost hypnotic.... rendering her destitute to his immutable charm.

Pushing her out along the line of his arm, he reeled her back in to face him; his hand on the small of her back he pushed her into himself and began to move again still fused at the hip. Their noses touched and breaths mingled as her chest heaved up and down trying to keep up pace with her throbbing heart. Unexpectedly the tempo shifted, dispelling the charged atmosphere.

Golden brown orbs crinkled with mirth and accusation.

"Liar." he uttered.

Khushi grinned and raised an eyebrow in challenge. He was of course referring to her proclamation of being incapable of dancing. Oh what the hell! It had been years since she had some fun. Running his hands down her thigh, he swung her leg around his hip and twisted to the side. Relishing in the lightheaded giddiness of her adolescent fantasies she let him take the lead.

The pace was exhilarating.

Soon they became another blur among the crowd moving in and out of patches of free space, an extension of one another. Twisting and twirling, Khushi felt herself come alive in his arms, as if the burden of her day to day life had been disbanded, if only for this moment. The anxious anticipation that had gripped her earlier, slowly ebbed away as she became more comfortable with their physical proximity. Technically he wasn't the most proficient of dancers but was blessed with a natural grace and confidence that made him breathtaking to watch. 

Supporting her in the frame of his arms, she pivoted about her foot, trying not to focus on the way his biceps shifted under the crisp material of his shirt. A flush crept up her cheeks, from exertion or attraction she couldn't be sure. Arnav Singh Raizada was attractive. Of that there was no doubt. Khushi had noticed the way the women around him lingered, finding any excuse to touch him or just look at him. Yet here he was looking at her as if she was the only woman in the world. His eyes sparkled underneath the pale moonlight, never leaving hers, making her painfully conscious of herself. 

"What Gupta? Don't tell me your afraid of little old me?" he waggled his eyebrows teasing, dipping her backward.

"Old I'm not so sure about but..." Arnav watched as her eyes wandered down toward the crotch area of his pants, resting there briefly before flicking back up to him. "...little on the other hand." She grinned satisfied at his expression of mock distress. In a work environment surrounded by men she had learnt to give back as good as she got. 

Pulling her back up and swinging her around back into him he whispered against her ear..."Now that really was below the belt."

Khushi began to to laugh forgetting her current company, as he picked her up and twirled her around. Arnav noticed how her eyes crinkled up and she threw her head back, unafraid of letting go. Wisps of hair escaped her immaculate pony tail, giving her a windswept look and a blush from the exertion of the dance coloured her cheekbones. She was ethereal. Lowering her to the floor slowly, they swayed on the spot, leaving behind the finesse of the dance, smiling at one another and enjoying the cool breeze washing over them, fluttering his hair. 

Hote hote oh yeah

Ho bhi jane do na pyar

Hote hote oh yeah

Ho bhi jane do na pyar

As the song began to build its momentum, there was a frenzy of movement as people clapped and moved faster and faster. But Khushi and Arnav stood still in the midst of it all, lost in their own world. It took them a second to realise that the song had come to an end. Parting ways reluctantly, they clapped with the rest of the patrons, thanking the musicians for their performance.


" was the date?" Matt prodded for the 10th time that day. Khushi narrowed her eyes over her surgical mask refusing to answer yet again.

"Seriously Gupta its not like Mrs. James here is going to talk to us." Leaning over to check on the anaesthetised patient Dr. Parker called out..."Mrs James! Mrs James! Can you here me?" Turning back to Khushi..."See she won't be giving me company any time soon."

Khushi rolled her eyes as the rest of the nursing staff laughed at his antics. Still refusing to spill any details Matt continued his monologue. "Ok well you're not talking about it to me. That doesn't tell me anything. Meg gorgeous...tell me what did Gupta tell you about her date?"

Flustered at being called gorgeous she squeaked out..."Nothing. She told me nothing"

Khushi's eyes widened as she looked at Meg in disbelief. As if what she had done suddenly dawned on her, Meg gasped aloud as Matt chuckled. "Too late now gorgeous. You're in the dog house with Gupta."

"You can forget me helping out with babysitting this weekend." Khushi growled.

Matt winked at Meg. "Who needs Gupta when I'm here." Had they not been in a sterilised environment Khushi would have chucked something at his head by now, looking at her love struck friend.

"You know what Parker. Stop flirting and actually concentrate on the valve replacement. Do you even know if what your replacing it with you moron?"

"A bovine valve. I do come prepared Dr. Gupta. Now stop changing the subject and let me get back to my detective work."

Khushi scoffed. "Yes Sherlock, I am dying to hear your deductions."

"Tut tut Watson. Didn't they teach you better. You don't use the 'D' word in the operating theatre."

"I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha" Khushi mocked.

Ignoring her completely he continued. "You refuse to talk about your date with anyone including your three gal pals. Which means something happened." Narrowing his eyes in contemplation he gave his verdict. "Since your quoting Disney I'm going to take a stab and say it was something good. My money is on a second date. Am I right?"

Khushi made sure to maintain her poker face, terrified of giving anything away. Dr. Danes who had been listening to this exchange rather amused, decided to intervene and save his protege."If you're done gas bagging Dr Parker, do you think you could finish up on your own. I need Gupta, we've had an emergency paged through."

Matt nodded. "I've got this. You guys go." Khushi and Oliver de-gloved and tore off their surgical robes. As the electronic doors slid open to let them out of the operating theatre Parker yelled behind them..."This isn't over Gupta!

Blatantly snubbing him, she squeezed a generous amount of alco-gel and moisturised her hands. Always a little strange, Khushi relished the smell of alco-gel. It reminded her of the hospital and sent a thrill of excitement through her being. Walking down the hospital corridor, Dr. Danes broke the silence, nonchalantly asking...

"So second date then?"

Khushi groaned and hid her face in her hands. "Not you too!" She couldn't refuse her mentor and boss.

"Yes me." he said steering her toward the staff room.

"Why are we here? I thought you said there was an emergency paged in?"

"Did I? I meant lunch." He bent over, opening the mini fridge and tossed Khushi a salad. 

"Lunch!" she shrieked. "You pulled my out of a valve replacement for lunch?"

"No need to make me deaf doctor...and yes I did. Now shut up and sit down."

Khushi pulled out the chair forcefully so that it scratched against the ground and sank her self down on to it. Picking at her salad with a fork, she played with her greens. "How many times have I said that I don't eat this rabbit food."

"And how many times have I said that you aren't in college in anymore. You need to take care of your body. So eat!" Khushi sulked at him but still complied. Oliver Danes was a the substitute father and older brother she had craved for her entire life. "Anyway squirt, you going on a second date or not?"

Sure…if he would call.” She mumbled, munching on her salad, partly hoping Oliver had heard her and partly hoping that he hadn’t.

So…” he said smiling. “You want him to call. Interesting.

“I don’t think you heard me. He hasn’t called. Isn’t that the pressing point?”

Naaah Gupta. Men are just forgetful and stupid. You on the other hand…you want him to call. My tough nut is melting.”

“I…I…ugggh” Khushi floundered about trying to argue her way out of it. Then realizing that this man knew her better than herself she conceded. “Ok! I want him to call. So?”

“Relax! It’s not an accusation. It’s ok to want him to call you. Contrary to what you believe it doesn’t make you weak. Though…It must have been a hell of a date.” He stated, wanting her to extrapolate.

“He’s different.” She said quietly.

“It’s a good thing kiddo.” Silence befell them and Oliver waited it out knowing she needed time to gather her thoughts.

He…he makes me feel like a woman. I mean with all the flirting that Parker and the rest of the male staff do I should be used to it but with him…I actually feel like a woman.

Dr. Danes looked at her curiously and suggested… “You’re worried though. Why?”

Khushi sighed. “It feels too good to be true. Almost as if it’s too easy. Life has taught me that nothing is ever easy. I mean look at us. He’s this rich billionaire businessman whom girls throw themselves at and I’m a nerdy doctor with patience issues. Why is he even interested in me in the first place? I don’t want to get hurt Oliver.

Oliver finished up his salad and ruffled her hair. With his mouth still full he said…”No guts no glory squirt! Don’t you remember anything I taught you? Getting hurt is apart of the game. So what? You’ll pick yourself up and dust yourself off. But you can’t stop trying just from the fear. Plus have you ever seen yourself in the mirror? You’re a looker squirt.”

Rolling her eyes she sarcastically bit back. “You have to say that.”

No I don’t. Ok forget me. What about all the guys that flirt with you all the time?”

“None of them mean it though. It’s all just for fun.”

Shaking his head …“I don’t think that’s the case. The fun part I mean. The only reason they aren’t serious is because they respect you too much and they’re shit scared of you. You intimidate them with all your…” he waved his hands about looking for the word. “…Khushiness.”


Yes Khushiness. Still it would take specimen of a man not be intimidated by you. And if he makes you feel like a woman then he see’s you for who you are. A coconut.” He said laughingly, knocking on her head.

Khushi face fell. “That’s the problem.”

What do you mean that’s the problem?” Oliver’s voice softened as pat her on the back awkwardly.

I think he saw me for who I was and didn’t like it. He didn’t kiss me and he hasn’t called!”

He smirked. “He didn’t kiss you?”

“We were standing outside my apartment and the moment was perfect. He leaned in and then just stopped. I mean he kissed my freaking hand!”

Oh god you goose! He has it bad for you.”

What rubbish!”

“I’m a man. Trust me I know. If a guy’s taking it slow…he’s in for the long haul. The first date I had with Tash, I kissed her on the cheek. She was so perfect…I was scared of f**king up just in case she wasn’t ready. So don’t stress. ” Delivering his take on the situation he brushed off his hands and got up. Shuddering he said… “This emotional talk has been enough for a lifetime. I have a fistula if you want to get your mind off things.”

Khushi grinned. “You know just what to say to a girl.”


Dance floor


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