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Heart's A Mess Chapter Nineteen

"Would you like to present this one Dr. Gupta?" Danes asked, a slight smile playing on his lips.

Everyone around the room tried to hide their smiles, as they snuck glances at one another. The few medical student and interns accompanying Matt, Khushi, Oliver and Jahnvi on this ward round were none the wiser of what was about to transpire. Grabbing the chart from Danes, Khushi grit her teeth and smiled forcefully....

"With pleasure."

Arnav leaned back into the pillows, his hands folded behind his head, and grinned wolfishly.

This was going to be fun.

Khushi narrowed her eyes at the beautiful specimen of a man in front of her. Wearing a navy blue polo shirt, blue jeans and a breathtaking smile he was making it difficult for her to stay mad at him. Still, she wouldn't stop trying.

Turning to the medical students in the group, she directed her monologue.

"Patient Name: Asshole. Age: 5 years. Medical History: Delusions and Mental Instability. Presenting Complaint: Small penis."

Arnav had been grinning till she had made mention of his prized asset. It was impressive at the speed she had managed to wipe the smile off his face. At this point Jahnvi and Matt had turned to face the other way, holding on to each other, chests shaking with silent laughter. The students and intern in the room looked between and Arnav bewildered.

Danes bit back his own smile, eyes crinkling with mirth. "Had your fun?"

"Not really."

"Do you think you could present properly for the benefit of these eager young minds Dr. Gupta?"

Khushi sighed. Without even having to refer to his patient chart she began again. "Arnav Singh Raizada, 31 year old male admitted last night for a series of diagnostic tests to determine eligibility for heart transplant. Medical history includes repeated incidents of undiagnosed Rheumatic Fever that subsequently developed into Rheumatic Heart Disease compromising the Mitral Valve. Regurgitation is suspected to have now progressed to its decompensated phase ruling out possibility of repairing the valve. Results of recent ECHO's suggest the beginning of heart failure. He is also a Type 1 Diabetic."

The end of the monologue was delivered as a soft whisper, her eyes swimming with pain. Whatever humour had previously infused the air was gone. The mood turned sombre as everyone turned to look at the couple who only had eyes for one another. Arnav gently lifted his hand reaching out for hers. Rubbing his thumb across her palm, he squeezed tight trying to soothe her.

Swallowing hard, Khushi tried to blink away her tears. Oliver cleared his throat and turned to one of the medical students. "Can you tell me the kind of tests we would be running?"

Arya, in her fourth year of medical school, felt a little nervous but gave it a go. "A standard blood panel, urine testing, ECG, Chest X-ray, ECHO, stress tests, pulmonary function tests...." here her list petered off.

"Matt can you add on to Ms. Taheem's list?" Dr. Danes requested.

"We also need to perform a heart catheterisation, carotid dopplers, radionuclide angiography and an abdominal ultrasound."

"Since our approach is muti-disciplinary who else are we likely to involve Jed?" Oliver gave the intern a chance to use his knowledge.

"He'll need to have a psychiatric and social evaluation, meetings with an anaesthesiologist and endocrinologist. Since his currently appointed cardiologist is his sister we will have to find a more appropriate cardiologist as well."

The questions continued thus for sometime till the whole transplant team was fully informed of the case.
In this whole time Khushi kept holding on to Arnav's hand, her eyes fixed on the white lino of the floor, willing herself not to cry. This was only the beginning. She would have to be strong for him. Crying wasn't going to help anyone. Taking a deep breath she looked up at him and smiled weakly, her eyes still a touch watery. Arnav winked in return, making her heart soar and this time when she smiled it was more genuine.

"Any questions Arnav?" Oliver disturbed them.

"No. I'm all good."

"All right then. I guess we'll leave you to it. Jahnvi here is going to start the ball rolling and take some basic observations and talk to you in a bit more detail about whats going to happen today. I'll leave you in her capable hands."

The group made their way out of the room, shoulders jostling up against each other as they exited through the door. Khushi turned to leave and it was only then that Arnav noticed she was walking a touch gingerly. Not one to take anything lying down, he decided to give back some of the treatment he had been receiving since morning.

"Actually... I do have one question." Arnav called out.

The hoard of doctor's stopped in the doorway. "Yes?" Oliver prodded.

"I just wanted to ask if Dr. Gupta was alright. She seems to be walking a bit strangely."

Having said what he needed, he lay back and grinned, watching as Khushi's eye's widened in horror. It was only natural after last night that she be a touch sore. But for him to bring it up like this was just plain evil.

"Are you alright Khushi? Have you pulled a muscle or something?" Oliver asked concerned. Arnav chortled.

"'m fine."she mumbled.

A pink blush crept up her cheeks at the memories running through her mind. Matt who had caught on, indicated with gestures to Jahnvi, who giggled at the embarrassed and shy Khushi. Huffing, Khushi glared at Arnav and almost ran out the room, leaving everyone utterly confused.


Later that afternoon, Khushi managed to finish up a valve repair with Matt and went to the nurses station to do some post-operative follow up. An interesting situation awaited her. Jahnvi stormed up to her with a patient robe in hand. Shoving it into Khushi's chest she growled. "That's it! I give up! He's bloody impossible."

Khushi frowned. "What? Who are you...."

"Your damn boyfriend! That's who I am talking about. He is a nightmare."

Khushi tried not to laugh. "What's he done?"

"Uh it proably better to ask me what he hasn't done."

"Alright. What hasn't...."

"Oh god that statement was rhetorical woman!"

This time Khushi did laugh as she steered Jahnvi to sit on a chair. Pouring her a glass of water she instructed her to drink.

"Feeling better?" Jahnvi let out a big breath, still visibly annoyed. "Now tell me calmly what's got you so worked up."

"First of all he doesn't take his medications. I gave him the medications at noon telling him they needed to be taken. I walk in five minutes ago and they're still sitting there. Then he has the nerve to sheepishly grin and say he forgot because he was too busy working. On top of it he looks so damn adorable its hard to tell him off. Oh....oh....then I spend the entire day fending off female medical students who just have to get a medical history from him."

Khushi frowned at this piece of information, which made Jahnvi smile.

"It's actually hilarious. He looks so uncomfortable when they obviously flirt with him. He keeps repeating he has a girlfriend not that it stops any of them. Damn cute in my opinion."

Khushi shook her head. "Ok how has this driven you to breaking point though?

Immediately she scowled as if reminded of her terrible day. "He argues about everything! There is no discussion that doesn't involve me having to cajole him. Taking blood from him took 2 hours this morning because he's afraid of needles! My four year old patients are better than him. Not to mention he won't put away his laptop. Apparently his ECHO test can wait till he's finished talking to some investor in Japan or some company in Spain. And now he won't wear this damn robe! I have other patients you know! I'm not his mother."

Khushi tried not to smile, listening to her friend complain about the child man she was is in love with. Giving her shoulder a squeeze....

"Leave it to me J. I'll sort him out."

"Puh-lease. Five of us have tried to get him into this robe."

"It's true." Meg agreed.

"I can't wait till Shagun's on shift she'll have him sorted in no time. He's scared of her." Jahnvi grumbled.

Khushi ignored them and headed to his room, ugly hospital gown in hand. Arnav was sitting on the desk in the corner of the room, typing away furiously answering e-mails. Spotting her out of the corner of his eye he stated...

"Gupta don't even think about asking me to wear that thing. I refuse."

"I wasn't planning on asking Raizada."

He stopped typing and turned to face her. "Oh really?"

Propping herself up on the bed, she nodded, a mischievous expression on her face. "I was planning on ordering you."

Standing, he began to walk toward her with deliberate steps. "That"

"Whatever gets you to wear it..." Her breath caught in her throat, as he placed both arms on the bed, either side of her waist, effectively trapping her.

Blowing on the loose wisp of her hair, he huskily whispered. "Whatever it takes? Are you sure about that doctor?"

Khushi quickly stuffed the gown in his face, trying to put some distance between them. Arnav rolled his eyes and made his way back to the desk.

"I'm not wearing it and that's that."

"This isn't a movie set. No one cares what you look like. This is a hospital. You're driving the nursing staff mad."

"I know that!" he raised his voice. It was strange to hear, since she had very rarely seen him angry.

"Then what's the problem?"

"You! You're my problem!" He slammed his hand on the desk, and turned away from her, looking out at the city.

The room fell silent, as Khushi looked at his back wondering what she could have done wrong. Arnav turned around, took one look at her crestfallen face and felt like a jerk. Sighing, he walked toward her and held her hands.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean...."

Khushi looked up at him, still sitting on the bed. "What's wrong Arnav?"

With his palm, he placed it on her cheek and stared down at her, drinking in every little detail of her. She looked exhausted. Yet her skin still glowed, beautifully soft. A stray wisp escaped her messy bun, not quite long enough to be tucked behind her ear. Leaning down, he pulled on her bottom lip, rolling it between his teeth. He kissed her slowly, trying to express the depth of his love. But before she could even begin to respond he moved away and tried to catch his breath.

"I'm just frustrated."


Arnav ran his hands through his hair, trying to articulate his emotion. "We shared something beautiful yesterday. Yet here I am. Instead of being able to love and cherish you like I should, you're stuck taking care of me.  It's humiliating enough that you're with someone who has the body of an 80 year old but now you want me to wear this damn dress?"

Khushi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. For a man like Arnav, the idea of appearing vulnerable and helpless was emasculating. And in front of the woman he loved even more so. He was afraid that she would think of his as less of man. As less of a lover.

Hugging herself into him, she spoke into his chest. "Dress or no dress, you still make my knees go weak."

Arnav wrapped his arm around her and rest his head atop hers. Sighing, he asked to no one in particular...

"Why does it have to be so hard?"

Khushi looked up at him. "I keep asking myself the same thing." 


Anjali and Aman rushed from the elevators toward the nurses station.

"Raizada..." she barked out, slightly out of breath.

"Room 1202." The nurse pointed her in the direction of his room.

A call earlier in the morning from a hospital employee, was the first news Anjali Mathur had received about her brother's whereabouts in the last three weeks. Relief, panic and anger had been her intrinsic reaction to the information. However her highly efficient mind had realised that there was no time for such things. And so, hopping on the first available flight out of New York, she had been running non-stop to get to her baby brother. It was now nine pm and technically past visiting hours; protocol could go to hell for all she cared.

Sliding the door to the room open, the sight that greeted her warmed her heart. Arnav and Khushi were both fast asleep. The latter, in a recliner chair next to the bed, a magazine about to fall off her lap. Closing her eyes, she breathed a sigh of relief. He was alright. Her baby was alright. For the first time that day, Anjali held on to her husband and allowed herself to cry.


Khushi stirred in her sleep. The pain in her neck was bothering her. Cracking one eye open, she check on Arnav who was still fast asleep. She smiled. He had finally worn the stupid gown. Letting her eyes drift shut again, she remembered the wolf whistling the staff had erupted into when the back of his gown had drifted open, giving them an eyeful of his rather delicious behind. 

"I knew his arse was sexy!" Meg called out.

"That arse is mine! Go find one of your own to ogle Meg!" Khushi had growled protectively, to which Arnav had simply laughed. Later on though, when he had gotten up to grab some file or the other, she had got another eyeful and it was becoming increasingly apparent why the nursing staff was fixated about her boyfriends behind. She couldn't blame them really. It was perfectly round, with the dimples at the top. Her cheeks began to burn at the direction of her musings. 

The sound of a scraping chair, disturbed her thoughts. The lighting in the room was dim but she still had to squint to adjust to the light. Sitting across the room was Anjali, flipping through a magazine, sipping on a hot beverage. A table lamp to the side of her, threw a faint light across her face, highlighting her already stunning features. At that very moment she looked up, her eyes meeting her own. Immediately Khushi stiffened and began to get up.

"Khushi ...don't go. Not on my account. Aman's just gone to get some food, he'll be back in a moment." Anjali whispered, wary of her sleeping brother.

She ignored her and got up anyway. "The last time we met, my behaviour was unsavoury. But please try and understand."

Khushi gritted her teeth and forced herself to stay quiet for Arnav's sake. This was not the time or place. On her way out the door, Anjali held onto her wrist.

"Let. Me. Go." Khushi hissed quietly, making her anger apparent. As the grip on her arm slackened she heard a broken sob...

"He's my baby. Try and understand." she pleaded.  "He's my baby."

Khushi angled her head slightly. Anjali was looking toward Arnav with such maternal affection that it was hard for her to hate the woman. It had always been her problem. Khushi's heart was too big and too generous for her own good. Huffing in frustration she handed her the tissue box and took the seat next to her.

"You have five minutes and then I'm leaving."

Anjali wiped her tears, still staring ahead at Arnav.

"Arnav was so young when mumma and papa left us. Hardly five years old. Mumma had been sick for a long time. I can't remember with what but it must have been some kind of cancer.  Papa spent every last penny on her treatment. He loved her with everything he had and was with her every step of the way. As a result the family business suffered. Soon Nani had to sell her ancestral land to pay for the all the new and expensive research trials he was putting her into. When she finally died he was beside himself with grief. I didn't think it was possible to die from a broken heart."

Anjali paused for a moment, lost in her own thoughts. Khushi was breaking apart inside. These people had seen their own version of hell, no different from her own. Perhaps even worse.

"After papa died, our chacha kicked us out. Nani had no money to speak off and we ended up living in the slums. The pension provided enough money for our food and basic needs so Nani would do basic seamstress jobs to earn a little extra income on the side. It killed us to see her work so hard.  Both Chote and I worked day and night, studying as hard as we could. Chote would get sick often though. He would have high temperatures and aching bones but we just couldn't afford the healthcare. His diabetes mediation was expensive enough, so we had to let him ride it out. I guess that was what made me want to be a doctor. The long and short of it all is that we worked hard and made better lives for ourselves. But in all these years, I was the one who would stay up at night applying cold compresses, who would hear his screams and moans, who watched him graduate, who helped him tie his laces, who wouldn't eaten till he had. I may have Neha now but Chote will always be my first child."

Anjali turned to hold Khushi's hand. "He is my baby and always will be. Arnav always comes first. Something Aman took sometime to get used to. I am sorry that I didn't tell you. I am sorry I lied to you. I am sorry I blamed you. But I would do it all again. For him. Because of him."

Khushi looked between Arnav and Anjali. "I should hate you for what you did. But I understand. I don't want to but I do."

Anjali smiled and leaned forward for a hug. Khushi backed away. "It doesn't mean that I have forgiven you. I will in time. But for now I need some space."

Both women sat in silence, content with their own thoughts. Anjali looked toward Khushi...

"He'll be ok won't he?" Her voice held so much fear that Khushi felt her heart break all over again. How could she not understand this woman's actions. Would she have not done the same for her own child?

Khushi held onto Anjali's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "He'll be ok."


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